No society in the world has done well in reducing poverty without first providing widespread basic education. Education helps to empower the poor, to enhance their income-earning potential, and to improve the quality of their lives. Without basic education-without basic skills and knowledge-the poor lack the tools essential for breaking the poverty cycle. People with basic education are more productive and more likely to earn higher incomes. Where attention has been paid to educating children, multiple benefits have been obtained:

  • Children from poor families are less likely to attend or to complete school and, that of their own children.
  • The poor child-who was malnourished as an infant- therefore may be unable to benefit fully from schooling.
  • A child from a poor family is less likely to receive appropriate stimulation and encouragement at home and may find the transition from home to school more difficult.

Early childhood development programs ensure adequate nutrition and health care, help compensate for disadvantaged home environments, and lay the foundation for better performance at school. As such FOCOLD support Community Based Care Centers with agricultural inputs through community Health care committees to ensure that they produce more foods for the children in ECD.

FOCOLD promoting reading and writing skills for children in standard 1- 4 through community mobilization and capacity building of school and community structures, to ensure that everybody takes the responsibility of supporting the children in reading and writing

With support from various donors we provide, school fees, school uniform and stationary for needy adolescent girls in secondary school with and aim of improving access to education.

FOCOLD is also promoting quality education though teacher learning circle and exchange visits, students study circles and construction of infrastructures such as library, laboratory and computer lab and administration and school blocks

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